To get the best software for your business you have to figure out what you need. Here is a list of ten software tools that are great for improving your business.
There are more than a few hundred saas tools to pick from, which can make choosing the right one for your business a challenge. Pick the wrong tool and you may end up wasting time and money on a product that just doesn’t suit your needs. This blog looks at the top ten saas tools that can help your business.

Squirrly SEO

Introducing Squirrly’s #1 SEO WordPress plugin: an AI-driven SEO plugin designed to solve your SEO challenges has never been easier.

Recommended by Thousands of Happy UsersSquirrly SEO is the Popular WordPress SEO plugin that NON-SEO Experts use to boost their search engine traffic.


Although it does not cut features in terms of how it is used (volume-based usage), the free SEO plugin does restrict how it is used. The Lite version is likely to offer some fewer features than the PRO, Web Dev Kit, or Business version, but none of these features are removed. It is easy to install Free SEO Plugin and Rank Math SEO, Yoast, WordPress SEO, WordPress SEO Framework, All in One, etc., in compatibility mode. Squirrly SEO allows you to import the data from other SEO plugins and resolve only to use Squirrly SEO going forward.

On a stand-alone basis, the value to an attacker is relatively low, enabling them to do things like add or change the site favicon, upload featured images for posts, or retrieve SEO settings for a position.

As part of Squirrly, you can leverage our built-in keyword research tool, which allows you to find keywords without leaving WordPress itself. You can also organize keywords into tighter groups with Squirrly’s Briefcase feature, enabling you to find and organize keywords. Additionally, since we are not using a cache (cached databases), the keyword research data is fresh every day. You will have more organic traffic to your site due to this. It would be a great help if these KEYWORD RESEARCH SERP Checker Tools Audit the A.I. were built and hosted by Squirrly Limited ** – this is the intellectual property that we hold.)

Integrating with Google Search Console, Squirrly SEO makes it easy to access key performance metrics for your website right inside WordPress. Google Analytics integration.

Create an XML Sitemap (if you are not familiar with this, you may review more information here)XML Sitemap Settings: Blogging Frequency. This option has been turned on by default and when that setting is turned on, any post with embed video will be adding the video tag.

Introducing Squirrly Live Assistant for Elementor Introducing Squirrly Private SEO Consultant and Squirrly Machine Learning system will enable the user to carry out their private SEO audits and help identify areas for improvement. All these features and more will soon be available on Squirrly’s dashboard. The dashboard will give you daily progress goals and achievements. Improved Focus Pages experience with daily Progress & Achievements Improved SEO Audit experience with daily Progress & Achievements Add pages in SEO

The settings for social media appearances, especially on Facebook and Twitter, are found in the social media section.

If you click Do research, it will look for alternatives and check the competition, search volume, and other data to give you a list of possible keyword options for your site.

Squirrly SEO deal:


Sellix is an e-commerce platform where you can sell any digital product or service with a custom storefront.

Founded Year2020

Location: London, United Kingdom

Similar Cos. Block, Shopify, BigCommerce, Nuvemshop, SPS Commerce …

The Sellix platform is an e-commerce tool capable of handling every aspect of your business online. With more out-of-the-box eCommerce features, we have been able to simplify setting up and managing your digital store, helping your business save time and money as you continue to grow.

Easy-to-use Dashboard, Notifications, Webhooks, Times, and Transactions let you know all the details needed to improve and function your

e-commerce business, in a matter of seconds, without any big-tech-knowledge or requirement.

A third-party payment processor (also known as a payment provider or payment gateway) lets you accept online payments. Use the Sellix module to enable the tool as a payment gateway to WHMCS, a popular billing, and management solution for web hosts that allow for automated reselling of domains, invoice printing, support, and many other functions.

You are making money while sleeping is a blessing. Sellix has helped through many categories. One is the feeling of providing your unique products & accepting different payment methods. At the same time, you build a community & safe environment for Customers to get the best experience possible!

if you have any questions – you can email them:

Sellix deal:


BIGVU’s platform allows users to edit marketing videos and create videos for their businesses. A popular Teleprompter app makes it easy for users to record videos and use scripts with confidence.

Video for Social Media, Sales, Internal Communications, Coaching, Training, and Video Marketing. Over five million members in over 70 countries use BIGVU and make awesome videos for social media, sales, internal communications, coaching, training, and video marketing. 

Categories in common Video Management Video Making Storyteq Create, scale, and deliver your digital ad production.

Categories in common Video Management PowToon Create animated videos and presentations Feature Total features in standard features in common PowToon’s unique features Content Management Voice-Over / Audio Data Import/Export Media Library BIGVU’s special features Video Streaming Mobile Screen Support Multiple Format Support Workflow Management.

Attend live and recorded workshops featuring business and communication experts. A TV Studio in Your Pocket Everything you need to produce excellent video presentations: teleprompters with automatic subtitle generation, a video editing program online.

We provide excellent analytics tracking, a great interface, and helpful videos on YouTube every day (plus outstanding customer support, too!).

BIGVU deal:


What if there was an affordable tool to manage cloud, database, and file server backups without any hiccups?

BackupSheep specializes in developing cloud and local backup solutions for businesses of any size.

Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution Backupsheep is designed to protect your data from loss and theft, especially in an emergency.

Several features are available to back up and restore your site, including database backups, FTP uploads, and website backups.

Bring your storage: BackupSheep can bring your storage to your backup server.

BackupSheep is a networked storage system that employs efficient storage management for quick and reliable backups.

Integration with external storage accounts allows you to back up your database and file server from any external storage account.

Create instant backups of nodes using dashboard or API.

BackupSheep Parablu Complete backup on the cloud with 100% security.

You have the flexibility to customize the storage backend on each backup schedule.

Schedule backups of cloud servers, volumes, and websites in one clean dashboard.

You can also optionally disable automatic backups if you want to manage them manually.

BackupSheep includes 1TB of storage space. (tier 1)

BackupSheep deal:



Switchy is a link shortener that allows you to customize links and insert tracking pixels.

Switchy provides detailed metrics information such as percentage of clicks, referrers, audience sources, and much more.

You can customize the appearance of a shared post on the social network.

You can create different custom domain names for your links, so they are tied to your website site(s).

The fact that you can have a custom domain is pretty cool.

Things like most: Custom domain UTM Templates Detailed Tracking parameters.

You can create different custom domain names for your links, so they are tied to your website site(s).

And it’s unlimited links I can shorten and cloak.

Using Switchy will get much better clicks by adding your custom domain because visitors always trust the branded environment.

Retarget users that click with the Ads campaign. Use Switchy to create super-targeted ad campaigns on your favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. Switchy helps you shorten, manage, customize, and track retargeting links to boost your conversion and sales.

Using the link rotator, you can redirect your visitors to test 2 pages and what pages work best.

Social Media Link: With just a couple of clicks, you can customize how a social network post appears.

Ideal for affiliates, marketing agencies, content providers, and advertisers.

Plus, running A/B tests and brilliant ads will have more efficient campaigns.

It has all the necessary from a link shortener ranging from any retargeting tools, stat analytics reports, or even QR codes.

Integrating it doesn’t require technical skills due to the step-by-step instructions. This platform uses pixels to track & capture your audience even without any technical skills.

Once you’ve generated the most clickable links in the game, you can track users engaging with your post.

Switchy deal:

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is a photo editing program that uses AI to give you essential tools and features that help you quickly fix any photo like a pro. You can use more than 100 AI-powered tools, templates, & one-click solutions in Luminar AI to make your artistic vision come to life.

Luminar Neo figures out how deep a picture is and makes a 3D map.

Luminar is an alternative to Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom.

This will make adding pictures captured on a mobile device to your Luminar library more accessible — transfer files across your PC and mobile devices with ease.

Using AI to edit your photos allows you to smooth out skin imperfections, even out skin tone, and remove blemishes.

The augmented Sky feature lets you include atmospheric elements such as birds, 3D fog, and sun rays to create breathtaking landscapes.

Automatically adjust an image’s color, details, tone, and depth using Accent ai. Use the Accent AI slider to transform your photos with high-quality edits quickly.

With Luminar AI, you can automatically mask the process to create layer masks that can be duplicated and edited.

Remove sensor dust with a single click.

Luminar AI also recognizes more than 7,000 types of objects and suggests creative problem-solving templates to speed up editing. 

You can also remove the red-eye effect from your portraits with just one click.

AI composition 3D depth mapping AI-assisted templates Mac and Windows compatible Remove power lines from your shots.

With the tool’s advanced AI, it’s easy to add realistic reflections and relight the scene.

Any natural landscape can instantly become a stunning background with the help of an Augmented Sky!

It is the best choice for travel, event, and hobby photographers who want to edit their photos quickly and professionally.

Luminar AI also can smooth out uneven textures and skin tone.

Luminar AI deal:


Closely is a cloud-based lead engagement platform for LinkedIn with dedicated residential proxies.

Closely Review: Send connection requests and follow up with your Linkedin prospects automatically.

Smart Inbox with conversation tagging and auto-refresh Import email contacts to send more connection requests per week with automatic follow-ups Safe warm-up period Live Chat Support.

Easy to use interface and effective tool I’m a user of other Linkedin outreach tools like Waalaxy, Alfred, and more and I find Closely to be easy to use.

Whatever you’re into, you’ll need Closely- Social Media Marketer Freelancers Entrepreneurs Business Owner Startups Business Closely is a fantastic LinkedIn outreach tool.

Campaign analytics and reporting Built-in templates and variables.

You can choose the name for every campaign, placeholders for personalization, and time delay.

Closely produce an easily digestible report which will help you to make faster decisions and pause all ineffective campaigns on time.

They made it simple to use while integrating outstanding functionality like messaging contacts from a LinkedIn group, tagging messages, and having a unified inbox to manage replies into the user interface.

Cut downtime spent on repeatable manual tasks and find new ways of building a scalable & profitable sales funnel with just one tool.

It cuts down time spent on repeatable tasks and also finds new ways of building an effective sales funnel.

Whether you are a salesperson, recruiter, entrepreneur, marketer, etc, Are you looking for a profitable and scalable manual sales funnel with just one tool?

After successful registration you can start searching for people, launch and manage campaigns and create a list of prospects. 

Conclusion Integrating closely you can define your target audience and it will add immense value to your sales pipeline.

Closely deal:


It is also possible for visitors to contact you through the channel of their choice, and you can even generate leads from your website on autopilot.

Boei is an awesome chat and lead generation widget platform that allows you to chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels. A variety of services are available for you to choose from, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Maps, Email, Skype, Direct call, Instagram, Intercom talk, Crisp chat, Twitter DMs, Snapchat, Links, Line, Viber, Calendly, Twitter profile, Facebook page, Waze, and many others. Boei is on sale at its lowest price ever with this Lifetime Deal, so grab it now before it disappears forever! This is a winning idea for any business that would like to connect with its customers. Boei will control them through the contact form when visitors visit your site. Your website visitors refrain from contacting you because they cannot find the communication channel they love a lot of the time.

Boei lets you create and capture customer feedback. Feedback form Integrated form to capture customer feedback without leaving the page. They want to offer their customers live chat and WhatsApp, Twitter direct messages, Facebook Messenger, and other options. The Free plan is $0/Month for one site with two helpers per button, unlimited buttons, widgets, color, and position.

The Starter plan is $4/Month for one place with unlimited helpers, unlimited buttons, widgets, color, and status. You can add sub-users and set a photo/logo as a button, set an icon for the button, and set its shape within business hours. Want to continue with the Regular Plan? This is where Boei’s lifetime deal and service features come to play.

Boei deal:


Woorise is a dedicated expert for social media marketers, Digital Agencies, E-commerce business managers, Freelancers, Social media influencers, and Social Media specialists. Features of Woorise: It allows you to reach a wide range of different audiences.

In what ways do you feel social engagement contributes to the success of a business?

Woorise includes a bio link landing page as part of their growth tools. Woorise helps you generate professional surveys, contests, giveaways, social campaigns, etc.

Linkin. Bio has excellent analytics tools, with click and pageview data provided for each post and Google Analytics integration, UTM tracking for Instagram, and revenue data for ecommerce stores.

With a Woorise account, all of these things are possible. However, doing all of these things simultaneously, like landing pages, contests, polls, reviews, funnels, viral giveaways, surveys, quizzes, engaging forms, and so on, can be difficult.

With this powerful form, you can efficiently manage leads from audience connections, viral giveaways, and landing pages.

A mobile-friendly platform is recommended for responsive websites, landing pages, and Woorise dashboards. It will be possible to view and edit web pages and landing pages on your mobile device regardless of where you are from this point on.

Woorise’s excellent features for creating viral contests help your business thrive. Woorise is a website that makes it easy for users to create viral contests, giveaways, competitions, landing pages, and engaging forms such as surveys, quizzes, and polls. Provide a feedback form, a survey form, or a newsletter signup form for your customers.

It would be best to give your customers the option of providing feedback, answering surveys, and signing up for newsletters and the email list.

Email Notifications: You can also automatically send email notifications when a form is ready.

Custom Domain is available as a part of a lifetime deal

Discounts, store credit, and gift cards are something that everyone loves, and these can also be used as part of your marketing campaign!

Giving Away & Giving Contests, Landing Pages, & Forms With Woorise, you will be able to create a multitude of interactive campaigns for different purposes: making promotions, landing pages, forms, surveys, or quizzes to collect leads and engage your customers.

Geo-targeting is a term used to describe sophisticated algorithms to narrow down a location and then serve ads to people in that region.

During your campaign, you can analyze customer behavior to build more engaging and enticing future campaigns and promotions.

Let’s select a Basic giveaway and click on create the campaign since we’ll be making a giveaway campaign for all social media.

This online Contest system offers Entry Management, Forms Management, Skills Contests (Photo, Essay, Design, etc.), Timeline Management, and Social Media Management in one place.

You can start with customizing the form to reach people with your business’s campaign, email marketing, newsletter, etc.

You will get lifetime access just for a one-time payment.

Savvy marketers utilize it in their marketing strategy to develop leads and improve customer engagement.

You can also merge tags using conditional logic to get automated follow-up emails.



Daftpage is a cute landing page builder, an easy-to-use landing page builder that helps you create effective landing pages in less than a minute.

There are many landing page builders out there. They are either expensive or hard to learn. But most importantly they output lifeless, impersonal, websites.

Daftpage comes with advanced features that as Drops.

So, You don’t need to think about Graphical elements in Daftpage.

Compose your website with functional components called “blocks” (Navbar, Press logos, Testimonials, FAQ, etc..).

Daftpage is also a blogging platform with a responsive layout.

But most importantly they output lifeless impersonal websites.

You can compose your website with pre-made components such as Navbar, Press, Logos, Testimonials, FAQs, etc.

Daftpage is the simplest way to build, fun and effective landing pages for your business.  Unlimited websites, Unlimited blog posts, Unlimited custom domains, Custom code integration (Google Analytics, etc …), Automatic HTTPS (via Let’s Encrypt), and Remove Daftpage branding.

Daftpage Appsumo Lifetime Deal – the easiest way to build and create your very own landing pages.

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