Switchy is the best link engagement tool for managing and tracking custom targeting links for maximizing conversions.

Switchy is an alternative to Bitly and Linktree.

With Switchy’s social media, Google Ads, and customized retargeting links, you can grow your online business and increase conversions.


This article is about Switchy Appsumo, a link shortener that is much more than just a simple link shortener. Switchy is one of the most comprehensive and global platforms for link engagement.


Whether you’re a content team, marketing agency, e-commerce shop, or advertiser, this is the right tool. After consuming or purchasing content, you can engage with customers through links. Additionally, it makes it possible to track links, so no guesses are involved.

Your site’s retargeting links can be customized, managed, and tracked with Switchy. It helps you convert more visitors. Rebrandly, Bitly, and Dope. Link are alternatives.

You can boost social media engagement and create advanced bio links for social media with Switchy shortened, customized, and trackable links.


Shortening links is what Switchy.io is all about. The service also offers many other features. You can customize the link with Switchy once you paste the long URL of the link you want to share: from the description to the picture to the domain.

This platform uses pixels to track & capture your audience even without any technical skills. With this guide, you can easily find your Pixel ID for every social network and create highly targeted ads.

Through this program, you can track clicker activity on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google AdSense, Bing, etc. It’s easy to install pixels on any links within seconds with Switchy, including redirected links to third-party platforms and ad providers.

Now let’s get you switching to Switchy. On its surface, Switchy.io appears to be an essential link shortener… but it turns out it’s anything but. Upon pasting the long URL of the link you wish to share, Switchy makes it possible to fully customize the link: from the description to the picture to the domain. And just like that *snaps*, you have scroll-stopping content for any of your social media channels.


Drag and drop your links into folders to stay organized, and check in on their stats whenever you want. Curious about the number of clicks? Or maybe where did your audience find the link? Click on the Analytics button for any connection, and collect every detail you need to run a sophisticated campaign that converts clicks into customers.


Switchy uses pixels to track & capture your audience– and you don’t even need any technical skills to get started. With a handy guide, you can easily find your Pixel ID for every social channel, plus retarget your audience with super-segmented ads with a few setting updates. You’ll be able to catch and retarget everyone who clicks on your links on any Ads Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads, Bing, etc. With Switchy, add retargeting Pixels on any links in a few seconds, even those that redirect to third-party platforms where you cannot normally retarget users.

Plus, running A/B tests and brilliant ads will have more efficient campaigns. There’s no sense in blowing your budget on links that aren’t targeting your audience. So make the switch! Shorten, customize, and track your links to capture and retarget anyone who clicks. Do social media campaigns better with Switchy.io.


  • Lifetime access to Switchy
  • GDPR popup
  • 404 redirection
  • Tags management
  • Embed widgets on any links
  • Add a note to monitor campaigns
  • Messenger links
  • Chrome extension
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Learn More
  • File manager, UTMs builder, personalized slugs.


  • You can use custom domain names to link your website (sites).
  • You can use Switchy to track and store the history of users who click on your social media link.
  • Unlimited links
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile-friendly (Will likely improve over time)
  • Being actively developed
  • Flexible pricing
  • Proactive support
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Various Pixel Integrations
  • Affordable Lifetime Deal

It will meet all your needs regarding a link shortener, including retargeting tools, stat analytics reports, and QR code generation.

You can create ad campaigns using Switchy and then run them on your favorite social media platform to increase the conversion rate.

Finding the best link engagement platform is quite tiresome for most newcomers.

  • “I’m a proud paid user of the Switchy tool and able to generate good leads after using this.”
  • “The Pixel targeting, the Bulk import option is one of Switchy’s amazing features. A referral program is a great way to generate some passive income with it.”
  • “I love that switchy allows me to shorten links and attach tracking pixels from various social sites. The deep linking makes it easier to gain more subscribers.”
  • “The Qr Code generator and Smart page features are amazing and great tools. The ease of creating with these is superb.”


Only one workspace is possible (otherwise, you have to add another plan/code)

You can’t edit pixels after adding them

Not ideal for BioLinks 

It is a little costly if you want more than 3,50,000 clicks/month.

Uptime can be Improved

Average Link Analytics

Blog Image Issues

Slow Support

“The referral program doesn’t work well, I guess. Apart from that, the price is a bit expensive for 30k views. Beyond that, need to pay or upgrade the existing pack.”

“A page refresh fixed this issue, but these were lost if I had already pre-filled some details.”

“I feel that we don’t have an option for the device-based targeting. But I don’t remember correctly, Earlier it was there, and it has been canceled.”

“The pixel tracking features can be confusing at times. However, that’s not something that I intend to use.”

Plans and Features

  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Embed widgets on any links
  • Add a note to monitor campaigns
  • GDPR popup
  • Direct sharing
  • of code across workspaces (stacking up to five principles per workspace)
  • Tags management
  • Link rotator
  • Geo redirection
  • 404 redirection
  • Full tracking and analytics capabilities (countries, referrers, devices, browsers, etc.)
  • Lifetime access to Switchy
  • +150 deep links integration
  • After purchasing your code(s), you will have 60 days to redeem it
  • All plan updates

Easy to Use

One of Switchy’s best features is its intuitive, user-friendly interface. It is an easy-to-use platform for beginners.

Short links with retargeting Pixels

Supercharge your ads by tracking, capturing & retargeting everyone who clicks on your links through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Quora, and Pinterest. Never share a connection like before!

Customize your social media links

With Switchy, you can customize the appearance of a shared post on a social network in two clicks. Make your links shine again by editing the title, description, and image.

Final Thought

Today, it’s hard to earn conversions if your links aren’t custom-made. They look bad and can even harm your brand.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, click here now, where we’ll show you how to get lifetime access with a single payment!

AppSumo sells out of most deals within a week, so if you are interested in buying it, you should do so before it ends.

Once you have created the most clickable links in the game, you can track users and get real-time statistics, such as click numbers, referrals, and audience sources, based on where users click.

Learn More & Get Lifetime Deal $39


Use switchy to increase your business conversion lead and increase social media traffic.

Finally, I suggest you use Switchy to get more traffic with a higher conversion rate.

Info: Here **. Don’t Miss out on Switchy Appsumo Lifetime Deal

In short, If you need to shorten your link, customize the screenshot and description, and incorporate your domain name into every link, then nothing beats Switchy!

My honest opinion is that this app is one of the best online marketing tools you’ll find. The User Interface and User Experience are superb, and some of the features are worth as much as $100 a month.

Switchy looks like an excellent value-for-money Marketing URL Shortener.

By paying a one-time fee of $39 you will be able to customize your links with advanced features like A/B testing, Pixel integration, Link analytics, tracking, etc.

My links have been managed with Switchy for the last few months, and I recommend it to you all. It would serve as a perfect alternative to link management tools like Bitly and Linktree.

There might not be a long-term future for the AppSumo deal. So, it’s best to get Switchy right away if you want to use it.



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