Who is Publer, and what is the purpose of Publer?

Collaboration, scheduling, and analysis of your posts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and WordPress are just some available features. You can schedule your posts manually, or Publer can do it automatically based on a scheduling calendar you can set up in advance. Are you getting tired of preparing each post manually? Easily upload the schedule, and create it all at once. Recycling? It’s covered, no problem! Adding your signature and logo to every social media post will help you build your brand awareness.

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Businesses of all sizes can use this platform for managing auto-scheduling, bulk posting, team collaboration, links, media uploads, analytics, and more.

Whether you’re a member of a digital marketing team or a single person doing the work of an entire digital marketing team, social media accounts can take up much time.


There are a lot of fast updates & new features routinely introduced by Publer. I do not know how long Publer has been in existence, but they introduce a new feature once or twice a month.

“Also, their analytics feature is a super nice addon as well. It gives you all key stats about the performance of top posts.”

“So far, everything I have experienced has been overwhelming (in a good way). I am excited to explore all its features.”

“However, THE MOST impressive feature on Publer is its innovative “Link In Bio” page. It’s groundbreaking, a genius concept, and functions the way it needs to.”

“I enjoy that you can schedule Google My Business posts with a free account.”

Many people recommend it to us as one of the best tools, from social media managers to digital marketers to bloggers.


“Reduces stress associated with social media marketing.”

“The current youtube upload limit of 1 GB sized file I see as a limitation.”

“Lack of some major integrations and platforms.”

“Its integrations with other platforms are still limited. Its statistics are also elementary.”

Publer Features

  • Post Schedule
  • Automated Scheduling and Posting
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Team Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Tailored Posts
  • Watermarking
  • Signatures
  • Recurring Posts
  • Post Callbacks
  • Saved Drafts
  • Calendar View Mode
  • Link Shortening and Tracking
  • Upload Media From URL
  • Group The Accounts
  • Delay Between Posts
  • Ambassador Program

Key Features of Publer

Connect Social Accounts Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups, LocationsInstagram Personal, Professional LinkedIn Profiles, Pages Pinterest Profiles & Businesses Google My Business

Schedule & Manage PostsBulk posts using CSV FilesAutomatic recycle postsAutomatic schedule posts manually schedule post-import & schedule posts from an RSS feed calendar ViewAuto sharingSave posts as draftsEdit created posts schedule postsSchedule photos to an existing Facebook album schedule a retweet

It is possible to schedule up to 500 posts at once with the help of the multi-post program, a bulk media uploader, a CSV file, or an RSS feed.

Schedule callback actions for your audience, including comments, auto share, and auto-deletes, so that your audience stays engaged.

Using Publer’s comprehensive analytics, you’ll know exactly what is going on with the social media strategy you’re following.

Schedule up to 500 posts at once across all major social media networks! Create a base post, then customize and preview it for each social network, saving you loads of time.

When writing social media posts, it is best to start with a base post, then customize and preview it for the different social networks, saving you loads of time.

You can easily add watermarks and signatures to posts, manage your teams, and insightful access analytics.

Team Collaborations: Manage your workspace and assign roles to members. Add new team members or remove them. Assign new roles to each of them. Assign Social AccountsDecide posting access to each one: Full posting access, Approval needed AccessDifferent member roles & permission levels: Editors, Admins, Owners.

Analytics – track post performances on different time ranges.View insights for a specific social account team statistics – Give you a general idea of your team’s social accounts, members, and posts.Account analytics – See detailed insights for each social media account. Post insights – See insights for every post published via Publer for the selected account. Top performing posts – Publer will email you the top 3 performing posts of the day or the week for each social account you’ve added to Publer.

  • Customizing posts for each social network
  • Creating & using signatures
  • Follow-up comments
  • Create customized follow-up comments
  • Automatically shortening links
  • Support URL Shortening: Bitly, JotURL, RetargetKit, Rebrandly, PixelMe, RocketLink
  • Creating & using shortcodes
  • Automatically watermarking videos
  • Automatically watermarking photos
  • Support UTM parameters
  • Auto-Delete posts
  • Add CTA Buttons
  • Mention other social accounts
  • Edit link previews
  • Delay between accounts
  • Post Preview
  • Multi-photo posts

Publer Benefits

Using Piler, you are able to manage all of your social media accounts in one place since everything is unified in one place. Aside from scheduling and automating tons of posts, you can tailor your posting rules per particular social media account.

Publer has a calendar view mode that makes it easy to picture your schedule. Instead of working with a list of your tasks and plan, you get a very detailed visual of your daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos, programs, and things!

As a first step toward controlling your social media presence, you should schedule your posts.

A social media marketing tool that lets you create, schedule, and analyze all your posts, plus collaborate with team members.

How does Publer work?

Now let’s connect your social accounts to Publer. Publer enables you to adjust the individual settings for each account. For instance, a Facebook page has its posting schedule, which Publer will refer to for posting your auto-scheduled and recycled posts. You can add a watermark and post signature, like an email signature. The text of your signature is automatically added to the end of every post once you add it.

Publer loves shortcodes like these! You can enable shortcodes, so you don’t have to write the same information, like your phone number or address, repeatedly. As another benefit, you can customize your posts, such as adding hashtags on Facebook or including only four images on Twitter, and preview what they will look like before publishing.

You can also schedule a follow-up comment. With this, you can keep your caption clean and comment below the post with hashtags either right away or later.

Once you’ve entered your post’s content, please give it a preview. You can preview precisely how emojis, line breaks, and anything else you add will appear with Pusher.

All right, now you’re all set to schedule! There are four ways to schedule posts with Publer. With the manual option, you’ll pick a date and time. Auto-scheduler asks Publer to use the posting schedule for each posting account and selects the earliest available time slot. Recycle is similar to auto-schedule but happens more than once. Of course, you can specify the frequency and parameters. Finally, recurring posts are helpful if you want to post something once every week for the next few months.

All of your scheduled, drafted, and published posts are live in the Posts section, where you can easily make edits. You can also view your posts in a calendar view.

How about the bulk scheduling feature? The process is straightforward. You have to upload a CSV file. A new post will be created for each row. In the CSV, you can include the content and select the post date. And don’t underestimate Publer: It’s a smart cookie. If you write a post that should go live on, say, Friday at 2, Publer will calculate the exact date. If you give a post no date, it will auto-assign a schedule.

With Publer Analytics, you can see how all your social accounts are doing at a glance. By selecting a specific social account, you can better understand how each post is performing.

Finally, there’s the Teams tab, where you can create multiple teams, each with its members and social accounts. Members are added simply by entering their email addresses and role. You can also specify access for each account and require manager approval before a team member posts.

Publer is a no-brainer for improving your social strategy. Your effortless online presence can bring you more traffic and business. Give Publer a try today!

Publer has proven to be the best social media management tool out there to date.

Plans & Pricing 

FREE: 5 social accounts (social channels) 0 additional team members 50 pending scheduled posts 25 saved drafts 24 hours posts history Superpowers: Status updates, links, single photos Customize and preview posts Built-in photo editor Design with Canva Link in Bio (free) Drive, Dropbox & Unsplash Browser extension Calendar view Auto schedule Shortcodes Link shortening Group the social accounts Add a delay between posts.


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