What if you could focus on selling things while an all-in-one platform handled payment processing, product delivery, and fraud detection? Please meet sellix.

Have you ever thought of selling digital products or services online? If not, you should! Sellix is an ecommerce platform that makes selling digital products and services a breeze. The Sellix platform is the perfect choice for solopreneurs, creators, and developers who want to sell their digital products and services online quickly and easily. We accept cryptocurrency payments, plus payouts in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Solana. So what are you waiting for? Start selling today on Sellix!

What is the Sellix SaaS tool?

Sellix is an essential tool for any small business looking to take its online presence to the next level. It offers easy-to-use tools for setting up and managing your online presence, including marketing campaigns and email lists. This helps you reach out to new customers, drive traffic to your website, and convert more leads into customers. Overall, Sellix is a SaaS tool that helps small businesses grow their business online. So, if you’re looking to take your online presence to the next level, be sure to check out Sellix!


Sellix key features orders and products. Coupons. Tickets. Analytics dashboard.

What types of products can I sell on the Sellix platform?

Sellix is aimed at digital products, subscriptions, memberships, etc. It has the same e-commerce features as Shopify. Still, it also offers a variety of payment options that are not available on any other website like PayU or PayPal (It doesn’t charge buyer fees). With Sellix, you can choose from multiple subscription plans such as monthly subscriptions, annual subscriptions, and lifetime subscriptions!

Sellix is the secure platform to sell digital products. with sellix. You can sell ebooks, software, music, video, photos, games, apps, courses, memberships, audios, and more. sellix is the platform to sell items to anyone in the world.

Choose from various product types, including files, software, downloads, license keys, activation codes, personalized services on demand, subscriptions, memberships, and more.

Why should I use the Sellix platform?

– Easy to Use: Sellix has easy-to-use tools that make it easy to set up and manage your online presence.

– Scalable: Sellix is a platform that small businesses of all sizes can use.

– Secure: With features like SSL protection and payment processing, Sellix ensures the security of your data and transactions.

– Sellix is a secure platform for selling digital products. With sellix, you can sell ebooks, software, music, video, photos, games, apps, and courses online with multiple payment options and fraud protection.

– With Sellix, you get access to more payment gateways than any other online platform like PayPal or Shopify. You can also choose from multiple subscription plans

– easy to use ecommerce features

– a secure platform to sell digital products.

Sellix also eliminates the need for third-party apps by providing everything you need to handle product delivery, marketing, design, payments, and fraud detection.

What are the other benefits of using the Sellix Saas tool?

– With sellix, you can easily create, manage and maintain your online store from a single location.

– Sellix provides a wide range of features that make it easy for you to sell digital products in the fixed price and time-based formats.

– Sellix is an ecommerce platform where you can sell any digital product or service with a custom storefront.

How do I accept cryptocurrency payments on Sellix?

Cryptocurrency payments are here! With Sellix, you can now accept payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. All you need is a payment gateway account and a cryptocurrency wallet, and well, take care of the rest. Once you have both items, follow the steps below to get started: 1. Go to our Payment Gateway account and create a new account. 2. Copy and paste the payment gateway payment address into your products page. 3. Go to your products page and add the items you want to sell. 4. In the payment section, paste in the payment gateway address and select the payment type you want to use – cryptocurrencies or credit cards. 5. Hit submit, and you’re done! You’re only left to wait for your payment at this point. We hope this guide has helped you get started, and we look forward to seeing your unique reels!

How do I get started with the Sellix platform?

By entering the title, price, image, description, product type, and payment method, new products can be added to your digital storefront within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sellix compare to other ecommerce platforms?

Sellix is an ecommerce platform that offers features such as product cataloging, product detail pages, order management, and customer tracking. It has a user-friendly interface and allows for custom branding. Sellix is based in the Netherlands and has been in operation since 2007.

What are the limitations of the Sellix SaaS tool?

Sellix is a cloud-based software sales automation tool that helps sales teams sell more products and services. Sellix offers tools to automate customer relationships, sales activities, deal management, and reporting.

How much does Sellix cost?

The information for this question can be found on the Sellix website. https://sellix.io

How does Sellix help sellers succeed?

Sellix is software that helps sellers succeed by simplifying the selling process, assisting buyers in accessing and buying products from sellers easier, and providing reporting tools to measure seller performance. The source of information for facts and figures in this answer is https://sellix.io.

Sellix Lifetime Deal Features Overview:

  • On annual AppSumo limits, there are no transaction costs.
  • The maximum file size is 200 MB.
  • Tickets are unlimited.
  • Each shop has 25 managers.
  • The cloud storage limit is 100 GB.

The tool also ensures that you get the lowest transaction fees when processing payments.

Business owners can have peace of mind knowing that they can avoid fake disputes before they happen with this in-house fraud detection software on a personalized digital storefront and sell digital products like software and services.


Sellix lifetime deal features overview: no coding is required to build your online store. Start by using pre-designed templates or a mighty theme.

Editor to quickly set up your store.

SELLIX deal:


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