Vadootv Player is an ad-free video hosting platform with a customizable gamer and tools to assist grow your audience.

You’ll be ready to give your audience much smooth-watching knowledge as you personalize your video player’s color and skin to match your website and branding.

Add tactically put CTAs to motivate users to need specific actions before seeing the videos. That’s why Vadootv Gamer makes it unique.


Streaming video consumption is increasing with every passing day. Video content intake has likewise improved the CDN outlays, streaming, and bandwidth costs enormously. This will continue raising interference with the complete consumer experience and your billings.

It is a P2P CDN Option using WebRTC to reduce video streaming bandwidth rate and improve latency for live streaming and VOD platforms!

Vadootv is a P2P SDK combination that can reduce video streaming rates by 90 percent and eliminate rebuffering for those users. It supports all Significant players, Hls.js, Shaka Gamer, JWPlayer, player, Plyr, FluidPlayer, Clapper, Flowplayer, MediaElement, Video.js. Additionally, it supports both the streaming protocols HLS and DASH.

Vadootv is powered by WebRTC, which spreads the load to users to decrease server expenditures and enhance scalability.

Developed for Designers: VadooTV for Merchandise has prebuilt integrations for many use-cases.

For OTTs & Live television— Construct scalable video programs with & a substantially low bandwidth rate.

For Edtech — Penetration in remote regions with decreased bandwidth.

To Social Networks — Construct scalable social video experiences for a wide variety of dispersed users.

For Marketplaces– Build Shoppable video experiences for customers with differing bandwidth.

Vadootv Gamer KEY INCLUDES.

  • We customized audio gamer.
  • AI electronic camera results.
  • Password-protected videos.
  • We have personalized video landing pages.

There’s nothing even worse than an ad disrupting your video experience. (” Please, Liberty Mutual commercial, I’m just trying to enjoy this child turtle eat lettuce.”).

However, it’s even worse when an advertisement for another company disrupts your marketing videos.

If only there were a method to deliver a top-quality, ad-free video experience in an adjustable video gamer that matches your branding.

Introducing Vadootv Gamer.

Vadootv Player is an ad-free video hosting platform with a personalized player and tools to help grow your audience.

Everything is much better when it’s ad-free. (Other than maybe the American Marketing Awards …).

Unlike other video hosting platforms, Vadootv Player gets it, enabling you to host your videos ad-free on its platform.

To get going, submit your video to the super-secure cloud-based servers via the main dashboard or import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, Publitio, and more.

Vadootv Player provides quick load times using high-speed CDNs spread out worldwide for bandwidth optimization.

Your marketing videos should not go toe-to-toe with someone else’s marketing. (On the left side, 176K views are reported …”).

Vadootv Gamer lets you host your videos ad-free on quickly, protected servers with a customizable video player to match your branding.

So offer your videos the home they should have

Vadootv Player.

  • Lifetime access to Vadootv Player Pro Strategy.
  • Ad-free video hosting.
  • Custom-made video gamer.
  • Video transcoding and adaptive bitrate.
  • High-performance shipment using CDN.
  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • Import from Youtube/Vimeo/Gdrive.
  • Video recorder Chrome Extension.
  • AI camera effects.
  • Password-protected videos.
  • All plan updates.
  • All future Pro Strategy updates Get the Offer.

We are a young team of techies, developers, and designers who spend most of our time in the digital world. We curate the very best offers available online and list those on our website.

Our dedicated group of professionals will supply you with the very best of lifetime deals offered, focusing on assisting you to grow, attain new clients, and best serve your customers.

What does it use?

P2P CDN for Video streaming– 1000s of Video developers utilizes VadooTV’s scalable P2P video service powered by WebRTC to provide a high-quality video stream at a low bandwidth expense.

WebRTC First: VadooTV’s plug-and-play SDK enables video developers to develop scalable live and VOD apps & websites

  • Scalable.
  • Robust architecture.
  • Quick Setup.
  • Not just this, VadooTV also assists you.

Lower CDN expense: Minimize CDN by 50% in VOD & up to 90% in live streaming.

Hyper-compatible throughout video players and supports formats like HLS & Dash.

Provide High-Resolution Videos: Deliver videos at a high bitrate by the decongesting network.

  • No Geo Constraints– Provide videos to areas with poor protection.
  • Protect– End to End file encryption of packages.
  • Problem-free Combination– Get in touch with your video platforms in less than 30 mins.
  • Industry-leading analytics– Deep insights on Bandwidth intake & QoS.
  • To top, it also supplies you–.
  • Assistance lives and VOD streams over the HLS procedure (m3u8).
  • Support encrypted HLS stream.
  • Support cache to avoid duplicating the download of the TS file.
  • Extremely simple to integrate with existing Javascript players.
  • Less than 1 MB SDK size.

Effective scheduling policies to enhance the performance of P2P streaming

Vadootv Player is best for Marketers, sales specialists, and content creators who want to develop and share lightning-fast videos without ads.

To get going, publish your video to the super-secure cloud-based servers through the central dashboard or import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, Publitio, and more. Unlike other video hosting platforms, Vadootv Gamer gets it, permitting you to host your videos ad-free on its platform. Vadootv Gamer delivers quick load times using high-speed CDNs spread out worldwide for bandwidth optimization. You’ll have the ability to provide a more seamless watching experience for your audience as you customize your video gamer’s color and skin to match your branding.


Vadootv Gamer Lifetime Deal.

Would you like to host your courses online or your/client promotional videos on an Advertisement free video hosting platform with Custom Branding and Domain limitations?

To fix this problem, we got you a handy tool Vadootv Gamer!

Vadootv Gamer lifetime deal

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Register this Course cost savings worth you save VadooTV Lifetime Offer.

With OTT as the most actively growing broadcasting distribution channel and new services popping up every day, video streaming and television will experience a disruptive and incredible modification. Businesses must adapt to the habits and expectations of their target group. This adaption consists of not just Complete HD or even Ultra HD material as needed, accessible from any device, but likewise a TV-like experience for direct material. Primarily Gaming and Sports are anticipated to be the most significant consumer demand within the next years with substantial growth rates.

To scale up their facilities and offer the highest quality to their customers, OVPs have to think of new methods for scalability, expense reduction, and quality enhancement. One method is using a P2P CDN (Peer-to-Peer material delivery network). Conventional CDNs can typically enhance the infrastructure owned by them and count on ISPs likewise to broaden their network strongly enough. This is a strong presumption. While you can use multiple CDNs to gain as much power as possible within the network, last-mile shipment will constantly be a matter of the ISP’s capability and bandwidth. Peer-To-Peer CDNs can assist in lowering the potential effect of this unmanageable traffic jam from the formula of a material company’s linear infrastructure.

We are introducing VadooTV P2P CDN for video streaming. 1000s of Video designers use our scalable P2P video option powered by WebRTC to deliver high-quality video streams at low bandwidth expense. Our plug-and-play SDK enables video developers to construct scalable live and VOD apps & websites.

What’s consisted of in the VadooTV Lifetime Deal?

  • 30TB for P2P CDN bandwidth per month.
  • Supports Live and VOD streams.
  • Assistance encrypted streams.
  • 99.9% uptime shantytown.
  • Javascript & Android Combination.
  • Usage & Monitoring Control Panel.
  • All Functions consisted of.
  • Stackable approximately 5 Codes.
  • 60 Days Refund Policy.


vadoo tv deal:


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